"Laurie is wonderful! Eighteen years ago, she was referred to us for my husband's rehabilitation massages after a broken neck/spinal chord injury. She saw us through a very long, rough period of our life. She is incredibly strong, yet gentle and has a way of finding those spots that need to be worked on. She fixes me. She tunes me up. She grounds me. She relaxes me. If it were not for monetary restrictions, I would have a standing, weekly appointment."

(Karen S., Kilauea)

"Laurie's expertise and experience in dealing with deep tissue injuries are quite evident and are enhanced by the expert and intuitive manner in which she conducts her sessions. She was able to locate and focus on the exact areas that were causing my pain and discomfort. She then administered the right amount of pressure and techniques to help get back to being paid -free."

(Tom B., Lihue)

"I've been going to the islands for 30 years and I've tried a number of therapists on different islands. You're the best and I always come back to you!"

(Dennis F., Palm Springs, Ca.)

"Three things make the difference between an average and a great massage for me: a therapist who a) listens to my preferences for pressure and  emphasis, b) does not let a muscle snap away from the technique, and c) orchestrates the transitions between one muscle and the next. Laurie has the experience and the skill to be first rate i  all of these areas which is why I come to her every time I come to Kauai.

(Mark L, Boise, ID)

"Laurie's massages are extraordinary. Her therapeutic approach puts your body into a natural state of calm. In my opinion, the ultimate gift for yourself is a massage from Laurie.

(Margaret W., Napa, CA.)