Accepting Auto and Worker's Comp Insurance



  The lead therapist, Laurie Bolton LMT has been practicing for over 30 years on Kauai. She has a strong background in the healing arts, including yoga teacher training and Reiki but mostly therapeutic massage. I apprenticed for six months on the Big Island in my brilliant teachers' clinic which focused on medical and sports massage. We accept and treat no-fault (auto) and worker's compensation insurance. I hand-pick my therapists to work with me who have a high skill level so that you can experience the best results in your healing process.

Swedish Massage


 Swedish uses several styles of long, flowing strokes to the body. They are effleurage (long gliding), petrissage, (kneading) tapotement (tapping) and friction (cross-fiber.) Swedish is helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness and increasing overall relaxation. 

Myofascial Release


 Myofascial Release uses sustained traction and cross fiber friction to release tension from the fibrous bands surrounding muscles, bones, nerves and joints. It breaks up scar tissue or adhesions due to injury, surgery or poor posture.  

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue



Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles and fascia
which have shortened and adhered to surrounding layers of tissue. It is very helpful  in relieving chronically tense  areas such as backs, sore shoulders, stiff necks and backs.

Neuromuscular Therapy


 Neuromuscular Therapy/trigger point therapy using thumbs, knuckles or elbows to relieve chronic or acute pain and dysfunction in specific parts of the body. Trigger points can refer pain to another part of a body.  

Sports Massage


 Sports massage focuses on treating specific soft tissue  aches and injuries associated with recreational activities. It uses a combination of cross-fiber friction, trigger point therapy and Swedish massage. Also helpful in auto and worker's compensation injuries and insurance.