About Us

We have 30 plus years of combined experience. Each massage is tailored towards your specific needs.

 Every client is special to us. We honor and respect your requests for pressure and types of massage. Massage is like creating a work of art, no massage is the same and involves a lot of knowledge,creativity and inspiration. 

What I bring to the massage table

 I  love the creative challenge when someone comes with a neck, back, shoulder or other issue. I use my extensive training and experience to help you become pain free. It is our honor to lovingly serve you and sits your on your path to optimal health and well-being. 

We accept auto (no fault) and worker's compensation insurance.

 Let us help you recover and become pain free so that you can get your quality of life back again. Each patient is treated differently depending on their specific condition and needs We handle all of the paper work and billing.